While replacing the original 1922 wiring in a six-story commercial facility, Bari Swartz turned a daunting challenge into a pleasant experience. We soon had bright lighting in all out class rooms and passed the city inspection with flying colors. Bari was a joy to work with- coming in on-time, under budget and making us laugh the whole time.
Pat Hennin

Pat Hennin, Director
Shelter Institute

Woolwich, Maine

We have had pleasure of working with Mr. Bari Swartz over several years on the renovation of our home in Blowing Rock and our spas in Hickory and Lenoir. He has enabled us to open for business by our projected dates. He kept costs down and has used innovative ideas when faced with perplexing problems.
Robert F. Mc Pheters

Robert F. Mc Pheters, President
Spa Fitness Center

Fayetteville, North Carolina